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LOMM’s Heavily Edited Classic Horror Movies #328: The Exorcist.




“My Regan just doesn’t seem herself lately, what with all that projectile vomiting and head rotating etc. I’d better call in a young and troubled Jesuit priest to see what can be done”

“YoU KnOw Me PrIEsT! I aM ThE FaLLeN AnGeL! LiCk My C**t aNd CoMe JOiN Me iN EtErNaL ToRmEnT!”

“I cast you out evil one! You’re vileness shall not prevail! Enter my body I order thee in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!… AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Thud*

“Regan darling you’re back from the domain of The Accursed One! Come on honey, lets go walk in the sweet sunlight. We can grab a soda from the store on the corner on the way home”

The End




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