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Hopkins Hits Out at ‘Immigrant’ Dentist

katie hopkins meme

Facial improvements made by The Artful Dodger


Outspoken columnist and media personality, Katie Hopkins, has launched a scathing attack on the dentist who performed corrective dental surgery on her teeth following her recent accident in which she damaged her two front teeth in a fall.

Hopkins said last night: “Just look at the state I’ve been left in. I look like one of those hideous, disease ravaged wogs you see in the Amazon jungle! This is what happens when we allow foreigners into our country. I’ll be taking this further believe you me!”

Hopkins went on “The woman dentist who did this should be deported without delay. Admittedly she was white but I could tell by her accent she wasn’t from our shores. A bloody Pole or a Romanian in all probability. Scum and cockroaches the lot of them! I knew she didn’t like me when she started smashing at my teeth with a hammer and yanking them out with Mole Grips. I wouldn’t have minded but she didn’t even give me an anesthetic!”

Hopkins then stormed off to The Haymarket Theatre in London’s West End where she is playing The Fuehrer’s Alsatian, Blondie, in a production of Springtime For Hitler

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