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Stacy’s Vegan Cookbook with Stacy Slaughterhouse-Gore

stacy slaughterhouse

THIS WEEK: Stacy prepares a delicious and ethically-sound, Bully Beef Casserole in a Wild Mushroom and Lamb’s Spleen Gravy.

For this absolutely delicious and warming vegan favourite, I always get the ingredients direct from my local abattoir to ensure that only the freshest and most succulent cuts are used. The manager often allows me to pole axe and butcher my animal of choice which is a real bonus. Here’s how to prepare this wonderful addition to any vegan’s repertoire:

Firstly, deep fry the bully beef and the spleens in prime beef dripping until cooked. Then, put the whole lot in a casserole dish with some Oxo gravy and calf’s blood. Finally, cook on a low heat (around gas mark 3) for 2 hours.

To garnish, put a wild mushroom on the side of the plate, or if you don’t have these, a pork and beef Cumberland sausage will do just as well. Serve with a side dish of beef and onion relish and a grilled halal pork chop.


NEXT WEEK: Stacy smashes a rabbit over the head with an iron bar before boiling its lungs in a sheep’s gizzard and tarragon sauce.



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Cooking With The Stars #2345 This Week: Lauren Bacall


Lauren and Humphrey pictured entertaining delighted guests at one of their famous candlelit supper parties last night


This week Lauren rustles up a perennial favourite of both herself and hubby, Humphrey Bogart, Swordfish Pie with Butter Beans and Jacket Potatoes:



Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing Lauren.

Next Week: Robin Williams conjures up a rather toothsome paella followed by an extremely naughty, but delicious Mississippi Mud Pie for afters…possibly



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