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WARNING: This Post May Contain Traces Of Child Rape.



Quite an arresting title isn’t it my friends? It was absolutely intentional on my part I can assure you. I felt justified in using, what could be deemed as “shock tactics” in order to draw your attention to something I feel very passionate about. I refer to the abuse of children and, in particular, the rape and, in one case, the alleged murder of vulnerable kids by members of the British “establishment” in what is now being called The Westminster Paedophile Ring enquiry.

At the forefront of this long and convoluted struggle to bring the guilty to book, many of whom are extremely powerful political figures, along with well-known faces from the entertainment world, is a tiny London news agency whose diligence, dedication and bloody-minded determination to see the guilty punished, and for the victims or “survivors” of these filthy crimes to see justice done, is finally beginning to bear fruit.

I refer to Exaro News, whose editor-in-chief Mark Watts has led his small team of investigative journalists in a tireless, three year long struggle to root out the truth and to bring a semblance of “closure” to the abused and to see justice meted out to the guilty. I referred to them the other day on social media as “A snarling Fleet Street Rottweiler with it’s fangs sunk deep into the flesh of the  corrupt and the depraved” and I can think of no more fitting phrase to describe their relentless, driven struggle to see justice finally done.

This is no self-centred crusade on my part, motivated by the fact that I’ve been a victim of this filth, because I haven’t thankfully. I just happen to like children, and the thought of them being harmed or exploited to slake the foul appetites of bestial adults sickens me to my stomach. Some unkind critics have cruelly suggested this is due in no small part to my own childlike immaturity, but I don’t believe that for one moment and neither do you…right? Ok, you can pass on that one guys 🙂

I urge you therefore, to visit their website and to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, if indeed you have accounts in those places. I know for a fact that Watts and his small team of dedicated hacks will appreciate your support greatly.

Exaro News my friends. Remember their name.


Thank you.


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