I’ve been meaning to add this page for quite some time. Ever since he threatened to break my legs with a steel bar in fact.

Here we go then!

kray twins krays walking krays with mum Rin Tin Tinny sherlock soz anal bombs ted stupor victoria yorkshire

soz rent collector


gaz league of mental men paper


jr hartley


gaz beer gaz blood gaz dumplings gaz oxo gaz smoking gaz soz Soz Offices

gaz amazonin gaz andy pandy gaz einstein gaz kitchener gaz pigs

gaz ted

gaz beans gaz chili gaz farage gaz old ladies




keep calm


More as the threats to maim me gather momentum


10 responses to “Gallery

  1. Gems the lot of them!

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  2. Wonderful stuff!

    By the way, do you know where I can get my grubby mitts on a jar or two of Blood Jam?

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    • Have you tried the Acme Blood Jam Factory “Purveyors Of Fine Gore Since 47BC”?
      They seem to be the main artery for this type of product. I hope this helps.

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      • Now then, I might be able to help out this morning. I’m off to the hospital later, and being so well loved and admired (okay, not true) by the nursing staff there, I could ask em to take a bit extra from me arm, and bring it back to the flea-pit and try to make some for him!
        It will contain a certain amount of Warfarin and traces of beta-blockers, so it would be possible to sell it to the local yobs as a drug… perhaps?
        I’ll put the kettle on.


  3. How did I not see this until tonight? Great addition to LOMM and SOZ. Well done Gaz.

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  4. Who the bleedin el has bin writin on me walls!?


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