Working Out The Gangland Way With Grievous​ Bodily Gaz.


Written with his testicles in a vice by Danny SoZ

Hello there. I’m Gaz and I’m an incorrigible thug. My life has been a long catalogue of perpetrating extreme acts of violence and keeping fit.

Today, I’m going to show you how to reduce that unsightly belly and tone those wobbly thighs the simple and easy way. No need for loose clothing or bottles of energy drink for this one folks. Here we go then!

1 – Stop being a greedy fucker and do some exercise or I’ll come round your drum and shove a burning petrol-soaked rag up your nostrils you mug!

NEXT WEEK: Gaz threatens to put 3000 volts through your genitalia and throw your body in the Thames if you don’t stop guzzling suet pudding.

Gary “Gaz” Hoadley is Vice-President of  The Get Fit Or Get Flattened Violent Offenders Association



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6 responses to “Working Out The Gangland Way With Grievous​ Bodily Gaz.

  1. There is only one man on this planet, that can make me howl with laughter.
    And that is my dear old China, Danny Soz. And, he is the only person on this planet, that would get away with ripping the shit out of me.
    A brilliant Satirist and writer, who deserves more than a few “Likes”
    I love it mate, pure class. xxxx

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  2. garyhoadley

    Reblogged this on Satire Scrapyard and commented:
    I’ve got me reputaion to fink of yu know!

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    • The League Of Mental Men

      I’m going to rudely ignore this and get on with writing a right-wing film script about a moose in Florida who folded like a girl. It stars Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp as me and Hilda Ogden as your nob.

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