Gay Soldier Discovered In British Army

drag queen
The head of Britain’s armed forces pictured in grim uncompromising mood last night.
Written with a pronounced mincing gait by Corporal Gary “Mavis” Hoadley
Edited in an extremely manly fashion by “Iron” Clivey Dee, 19.
The whole fabric and tradition of the British Army was in turmoil today, when it was announced that a gay soldier had been found amongst the ranks of the finest fighting force in the world.
Major Arnold Limpy, the Armed Forces Press Officer said;
“The news has spread fast amongst the lower ranks and it has caused much upset and bewilderment that such a person has been serving his Queen and country while parking his bike in the back alley”.
Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Sir Johnny Rotten, led the hunt for the gay soldier after a tip-off from a hairdresser in Aldershot.
“I contacted the SAS and asked their top intelligence officer to find this bum bandit and bring him to book, I’m not having some limp-wristed pansy playing soldiers in my army! I dread to think what he has been doing in the showers?!”
SAS Intelligence Officer, Sgt Hue Lewie, however, indicated that he was not altogether happy with the arrest of this soldier. “Err, well, he is sort of, one of the most highly decorated men in the history of the British Army”
“When we arrested him at his house, he came to the door dressed in women’s clothing and a blond wig. Despite explaining he had been rehearsing for the children’s hospital pantomime, our commanding officer shot him. “
The Government issued the following statement last night:
“Britain’s armed forces are the finest in the world and we do not discriminate against race, colour or creed. However, we do draw the line at taking on poofs and lezzers.”

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  1. Ooh! ark at the madam…Seems like a nice boy though.

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