Editor Of Satirical Magazine Given Reassurances By Extremists

jihadi john

“Clivey. You can go mate. The rest of you, step over here”

If you’d like to learn  some extremely heartening news regarding my personal safety, along with some rather worrying tidings about the future health and well-being of the writing staff, why not visit?


The lads have requested that you don’t send floral tributes after they have been blasted to kingdom-come by radicalised fanatics, but instead send cheques, banker’s drafts, and postal orders, for however much you can afford, to this address:

Clivey Dee

The Boleyn Arms

London E7

Thank you. ALLAHU AKBAR etc.



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3 responses to “Editor Of Satirical Magazine Given Reassurances By Extremists

  1. alienorajt

    Not even a small posy of mixed gardenia and bonsai freesias? Ye gods, what is the world coming to when you can no longer hoick a floral tribute onto the side of the road, thus distracting every passing motorist and causing a plethora of pile-ups?
    Delighted, of course, to hear that the Kit-form entry to Kingdom Come has been postponed for the time-being, Clivey, and, well, concerning the rest of the team, we do live in dog-eat-dog (and everything else – dead badgers, compost heaps, you name it!) world and what are underlings for, when you get right down to it?
    Bloody great being able to comment once more – so look out for some truly appalling, grovelling and insipid little numbers from Yours Truly over the coming days!!!
    Seriously, though, lads, you carry on grabbing life’s testicles with the sharpened teeth of satire! As it were!


    • Now look here! Your comment was nowhere near as irritating nor as time-consuming as it could have been. I must therefore instruct you to up your game in this regard or I shall be forced to disable the facility once more. Call yourself a valued member of the WordPress ‘family’?
      Why I outta! 😦


      • alienorajt

        Not enough of the Mills (or, come to that, Boon) component, then? Lawks a’ mercy, Guv, I shall have to read Hallmark cards with a damn sight more attention to the finer points of slushiness and ape their vomit-worthy style! Pass the bucket and stand clear! I think I am to the WordPress family what Heathcliff was to the Wuthering Heights inhabitants: Mad, bad and dangerous to know – though I haven’t, as yet, developed a penchant for digging up demised ex partners! Ho, ho!

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