Satirical Magazine Announce Catastrophic Social Media Button Outage Following Liver-Busting Binge Drinking Session

drunk cat

Soz Satire’s office cat, Bubbles McBiteyson, pictured in a clearly agitated state last night following the social media buttons drama


The deeply unpopular satire and humour-based magazine, Soz Satire,  have attracted more ignominy and derision after all of their social media buttons malfunctioned following a drink-fuelled rampage by magazine staff through the East End of London on Christmas Eve.

Editor in chief, Clivey Dee, 9, told us last night. “It’s all a bit of a worry really. One minute we were having a drink-fuelled rampage through the East End of London and then the next minute all our social media buttons were in shit state. I’ve got a feeling North Korea have given the site a shafting because of Lenny’s constant piss-taking of Kim Yong-un. I told him no good would come of it”

Health & Fitness section editor, Gerald “Inchcock” Chambers said “Social media buttons you say? I don’t know anything about it to be honest with you. Did I ever tell you I’m having a spot of bother with my nob?”

The rest of the staff were unavailable for comment as they had been remanded in custody after a period of unrest in Whitechapel Road during the early hours of Christmas Day, but the mother of the pictures editor, Mrs Mary Artful-Dodger, 175, said “Social media buttons gone tits up eh? Well I must say it doesn’t surprise me one bit. They’re just a bunch of diabolical piss artists and total fuckwits who deserve everything they get to be honest. Apart from Inchy, who only drinks to forget his nob trouble, the poor little bleeder”

To witness for yourself the total inability of the magazine’s social network buttons to work, why not visit:

ADVISORY NOTICE: I wouldn’t bother clicking on any of the social network buttons if I were you. They’re all fucked, trust me.



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