An Appeal On Behalf Of Disabled Comments

A particularly irritating, time-consuming comment pictured being cruelly stifled last night


During the festive season it’s so easy to forget those less fortunate than ourselves so I’m launching an appeal on behalf of disabled comments, particularly those on this blog.

Yesterday I had the heartbreaking experience of visiting a number of these poor, wretched, long-winded irritations in the isolation wing of our comments section, and was immediately moved by the fortitude and dignity they displayed. One of them told me that it had been in there since the early hours of Sunday morning after attempting to pass an observation on Inchy’s nob, while another had been left languishing for days in the pending section after praising a 20,000 word piece about a nude woman by Mike Steeden despite not having actually read it.

So let’s spare a thought for these poor, time-consuming wretches at this joyous time of year and show them that they’re not just being cast aside and forgotten like a half-gnawed turkey drumstick or a pair of thermal socks from Auntie Maude.

Please dig deep and send your contributions to:

Clivey Dee

The Queen’s Arms

Green Street

Upton Park

London E13

Thank you.

PS. If it’s top class commenting you’re after, why not visit the Irritating Fuck section of this magazine where their proud boast is that every comment, no matter how banal or sycophantic, is treated with an equal amount of mirth and disdain before being screwed up and booted out of the window


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