Howls Of Delight As Editor Of Satirical Mag Quits WordPress

soz xmas 2014

A bumper Xmas edition pictured covering the editor’s shame last night


The blogging community were jubilant last night following the announcement by the editor of Soz Satire magazine, Clivey Dee, that he is to leave the WordPress site to take up paid employment at a rival blog, where he will be utterly prostituting his art by allowing ads for incontinence pads, funeral homes and Thai brides to clutter up the front page in return for filthy lucre.

Dee, 18, told us from his office in Whitechapel East London “I don’t mind admitting that the money did come into my decision just a tad, but the main reason I’m leaving is down to the superb ‘liking’ and commenting facilities at the new place. Yesterday alone I liked over two thousand blogs and made a whole phalanx of irritating, time-consuming comments on countless others. It was so great and so exciting that at one point I became visibly aroused and had to stumble to the toilets with a copy of our bumper Xmas issue concealing my shame”

Editor’s note: All of the above is absolutely true, especially my age. I therefore bid you all a fond farewell and wish each and every one of you a very merry Xmas and, above all, a happy and a peaceful new year.


PS. I hope some of you will pop into the mag from time to time to say “hi” to our stats counter. There’s money in it for me you see 😉



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10 responses to “Howls Of Delight As Editor Of Satirical Mag Quits WordPress

  1. I’m expecting a real bumper crop of ‘likes’ for this one folkzzzz 😀


  2. It gets my vote bruv 😀


  3. alienorajt

    Oh rare! Oh wondrous! Oh scathingly brilliant! Bloody timely too – stats as low as a crone’s boobs and followers about as believable as Big Foot. I have seen some truly repulsive, arse-lickingly toe-curling fawning upon this site’s popular blogs – and have been tempted, on many an occasion, to leave gratuitous rudeness. But I can’t be bothered!
    For the above reason, I am now concentrating upon bringing out Alienora’s Book of Humorous Erotica, like you do, in the New Year, and winding down the blog!
    But you lot make me laugh – so a like in the hand is worth fifteen in the topiary.
    Power to your elbow, Clivey!


    • Cheers Ali. I could drone on ad nauseum about the quality, or lack thereof, of the copy I see on here on a daily basis and the hilarious backslapping that invariably accompanies it, but it wearies me to be honest. Apart from Lenny’s Kim Jong-un pieces I read nothing at all on WordPress. If I feel the need to read good satire I turn to the mighty Private Eye or the United Kingdom Independence Party’s manifesto.
      I wish you every success with the book and a very merry Christmas and a happy and, above all, a healthy new year to you and yours.
      Best Wishes and kind regards


  4. Milligan, Swift, Coren, Cook. All would have remained unread and anonymous had they been WordPress bloggers who shunned the “liking game”
    Says it all really 🙂


  5. Runny Porridge

    I too know the pain of unappreciated cringing humour, even my own son sneers at my feeble attempts at puns. I am though only ‘liking’ this post because I have recently posted an article and hope that someone reading this may go and read it. Yours, with no irony whatsoever, Runny.


    • The Garden Bridge piece? Great post and a great waste of money. 🙂

      Clivey’s Tip Of The Day: Leave WordPress. It’s indescribably poor.


      • Runny Porridge

        Why thank you, I noticed my reading stats went up by three that day, one of them was my Mum as usual and a follow from someone who can get my blog viewed more but only if I click on ‘this little old link’ to 6 things every blogger should know… Thanks also for the advice, I may stay while I finely hone my craft and then unleash myself on a more popular network, FriendsReUnited or a BulletinBoard, something like that.


  6. ratty




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