A Sincere And Humble “Thank You” from Soz Satire Magazine

SOZ Satire - Ocotober 2014


*Removes boots and tiptoes into blog only too aware that it’s Gaz’s day to post and that I’m taking my worthless life into my hands by encroaching on his manor. Hopefully he’s in a police cell or too hungover to notice*

I should like to say a few words (a real first for me) to thank all the kind, albeit misguided, WordPress bods who have taken the trouble to have a peek at the mag since our triumphal re-emergence into cyberspace last month.

Our stats are looking very healthy indeed thanks to you guys, and our reach has become truly global, including, rather worryingly, some poor soul from Sierra Leone! I’m surprised there’s anybody left tbh. *lights pipe and dons biological warefare suit*

I know I rip the living piss out of this place on occasion but in this instance I am in your debt and I thank you most sincerely for that.

If you haven’t checked out the latest issue then I would humbly request that you do so, as there’s some pretty funny shit in there, if you avoid anything with the byline “by Clive Danton” or “Clivey Dee” which is a  nom de plume I sometimes use when I wish to avoid being taken to court.

Here’s the link guys and my humble thanks go with it:


Your friend and fellow scribe


PS. Apologies to those who read this on my “Soz Satire” blog yesterday, I just thought it would be more efficacious if I posted my sentiments somewhere that had attracted more than 1 follower (Thanks mum btw)



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5 responses to “A Sincere And Humble “Thank You” from Soz Satire Magazine

  1. alienorajt

    Clive, you’re NOT the Messiah; you’re just a very naughty boy! No pocket money this week. Mum.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist that quick homage to ‘Life of Brian’!
    Seriously, though, chaps, have just shared far and wide. Satire is exactly what we all need now – and the more of it the better!
    Hey, do any of you witty lot fancy guesting on my blog? I’d be well-chuffed: anything from you lot would be, as they say down my way, gurt lush.
    Yours most grovellingly, Alienora – the ancient, red-headed blogger from Over Yonder!

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    • Hey that’s really kind of you Ali! Thank you very much for that. For myself, I’m that tied up with all this HTML5ing, editing, and intercepting angry phone calls from Olly Murs’s agent that I’d never find the time to do your fine blog the justice it deserves at the mo. However, feel absolutely free to filtch any of my skits from Soz Satire or LOMM and give ’em the exposure they so richly don’t deserve. I’m sure that my colleagues, and erudite “men of leisure”, Inchy or Mike would do the honours if you pay them nicely though. Just make sure that you stipulate to Inchy that you’d rather not hear about his ailing nob. Puts me right off me gruel he does 😦

      Thanks again for your kindness Ali. Much appreciated .



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  2. Reblogged this on mikesteeden and commented:
    For what it may be worth I have a another all new ‘Carruthers & Chum’ skit in this latest edition – plus of course some very funny stuff written by writers who, unlike me can actually spell! By the way there are no catches for it is an advertisement free zone!

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  3. Who is this Madame Pizdov? She’s bloody gorgeous, and so damn talented.

    OK, OK… I may as well plug my own shit (urghh….) seeing as everybody else is plugging theirs.



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