Children Of The Night Lodge Complaint Against “Too Scary” Satirical Magazine


A visibly upset Child Of The Night pictured complaining bitterly to the Press Complaints Commission last night Now with brand new, deeply upsetting skits!


A number of spectral Transylvanian wolves have complained to the publishers of a wildly successful, online satirical mag, stating that they found the content “frighteningly poor” and that it was unsuitable for slavering brutes from Hell of all ages.

The London-based magazine, Soz Satire, published it’s Halloween issue last Friday, and late last night, added a number of absolutely appalling skits which have lead to howls of protest from the so-called Children Of The Night:

“Terrifyingly bad! I haven’t seen that much blood since the last time Inchcock got his nob out!” – Bonzo

“Some of the jokes from Clivey Dee were so horrifyingly crap I literally shit my fur” – Fido

“I’ve not seen such frighteningly incorrect and overly-judicious usage of the ellipsis since Mike Steeden left a note out for the milkman! I mean to say WTF!” – Lucky

“Ratty’s skit made all my fangs fall out and it’s not even been published yet! – Butch

“Mic Norbury? Is that man EVER sober fer chrissakes? The mere thought of the state of his liver made me feel quite peckish” – Bowser

“The graphics by The Artful Dodger were so atrocious I had a miscarriage on the spot” – Spike.

“The inane quality of Gary Hoadley’s so-called humour made me prowl the streets of Fulham looking for unsuspecting prey” – Fifi

“Lenny van Ree’s contribution was so desperately abject I chewed one of my own feet off with terror –  Rex.

To nod in agreement with the above Hell Hounds, why not visit this site and see for yourselves my friends:

WARNING! Some of the gags in this latest issue are so bone-chillingly poor that we advise you to take some of Inchy’s nerve pills and have a really good shit before entering.


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7 responses to “Children Of The Night Lodge Complaint Against “Too Scary” Satirical Magazine

  1. Can I just commend you all for your complete and utter lack of irritating, time-consuming comments. It just goes to show that you can be less irritating and virtually rid yourselves of the label ofbeing a time-consuming fucker when you put your minds to it.
    Very well done indeed, keep it up. 😀


  2. Excuse me, but I wish to comment on your comment regarding the lack of comments.

    There – all done now.

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  3. ratty

    Comment allez-vous ?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Zut alors! La plume de ma tante! C’est les Hatters Futile! You fuckers are in the mag by the way…well Ratty is. I forgot to publish Mic’s one. He’ll have to wait till tomorrow now! That’ll learn him! *lights pipe and snarls in a sardonic, time-consuming and deeply irritating manner*



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