The Antipodean Mint Proudly Present: The Oz Mate. The Australian Man’s Anti-Sheila TV Remote Control


crocodile dundee

“Stone the bloody crows! Fair go mate!”

Graphic by The Artful Dodger.

With a proud tradition of rabid misogyny of more than 200 years standing, we at The Antipodean Mint are delighted to offer you this unique and attractive, female-proof , TV remote control, guaranteed to ensure that the little woman never impinges on your inalienable right to boorishly control what’s on the box 24 hours a day again…ever!

Each device is lovingly machine-crafted by a member of our highly-skilled team of feckless, drunken Abbos and is fashioned using only the very finest low grade plastic and bits of old wire from Tasmania.

Using the very latest in communications and media technology, we have implanted each remote control with our unique, estrogen-sensitive sensor, which will detect unauthorised usage by a woman within seconds, thereby enabling you to dash home from the pub, or from the outside dunny, to administer the bloody good hiding she so richly deserves.

For just a few extra dollars our Oz Mate Deluxe Model also features a powerful built in battery which will instantaneously deliver a flesh sizzling 500 watt jolt to anyone who attempts to move it from its resting place down the back of the sofa or from beneath a pile of cushions.

Attractively priced at just $2378.25 and coupled with our easy monthly payments option, we’re so convinced you’ll be absolutely delighted with your purchase that we’re offering our unique, no quibble, money back guarantee if you return your Oz Mate to our office by hand within 12 minutes of taking delivery.

To receive your Oz Mate at some vague, unspecified time in the future, simply send a banker’s draft or better still cash to:

Bruce Drongo Ltd

The Crafty Dag Trading Estate


Terms And Conditions:  I’m a hairy-arsed, right wing, Aussie bastard who thinks women have small feet so they can stand closer to the sink. I fully understand that after parting with all my grog money for the next 20 years I will, in all probability, receive absolutely nothing by return of post.  I have no history of mental illness and I do not know how to use a knife.


Coming soon from our sister company, The Soz Satire Mint: The All- American, “Blue On Blue” hand grenade. It only detonates when thrown at allied troops. “Ooops! Sorry buddy”



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15 responses to “The Antipodean Mint Proudly Present: The Oz Mate. The Australian Man’s Anti-Sheila TV Remote Control

  1. I’m probably not scoring any points for my sex here, but for me, if you don’t explain to me how to use the remote, you will enjoy all those lively features and save yourself a boaoad of money!

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  2. “estrogen-sensitive sensor” you say? I’d imagine that’d eliminate half the male population too these days.



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