Macho Macho Mental Men!

LOMM village people

Smudge by The Artful Dodger

Fitness training and beauty tips by Inchcock



Disclaimer: No fannies were strained during the making of this piece…much.





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11 responses to “Macho Macho Mental Men!

  1. sozsatire

    I normally give these Youtube jobbies the biggest swerve possible on account that they’re lazy and deeply tedious, but Dodger knocked up such a blindingly good smudge I felt dooty bound to give it a decent airing 🙂

    Now drop and give me 200 you flabby sonsofbitches!!!!

    In your own time of course ladies 😦

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  2. Wow! That’s one staff party I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall for. Looking good, guys! *Hubber Hubber!*


    • You know it Touch! Whaddya think of da way I’m workin’ that cop’s outfit huh? Pretty slick eh Dollface?
      Howza ’bout I take you back to the station house and take down a few of your particulars baby doll? 😛

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      • ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello. What ‘ave we got here then?

        Well you’re looking mighty fine, sir! *Wrack’s brain trying to think of some off the ‘cuff’, cop based innuendo, that doesn’t involve ‘details’ of you getting your ‘truncheon’ out or smutty talk of ‘hot-fuzz’.

        Anyway, I’m going to ‘bail-out’ now and leave you to your own ‘(de)vices’. Think I’ll climb back ‘under-cover(s)’ to ‘steal’ a few more zzzz’s.

        😀 xx

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  3. Fun flashback! Thanks.


  4. garyhoadley

    Dodger is definitely on the firm Clive. What he produces is top quality mate.
    Now then, I think we need to chain the sod up in the lower field so he don’t get any ideas about escaping…

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  5. Loved the NHS tatoo by the way… first time I’ve laughed out loud for ages! Bit worried about the wandering hand behind me back… well not me, Churchy should be! Hahaha, brilliant!

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    • The tattoo was the highlight for me too Inchy. I suggest “NHS Reject” but The Dodger told me to mind me own business and quite right too I say 😀

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      • doing an upated ‘Inchy gets Star Role in new Nottingham Movie’ for LOMM at the moment, Personalised more like yer know. The added graphic in monochrome of course, no choice at the moment. Going to have a look at the site recommended by Duncan in a bit, see if can do owt on that one. Hope it don’t need dvd usage, me old laptop won’t let me play em.
        Hope to post it in a while.

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