Clivey And Gaz in “Trainspotting”: An everyday story of inadequate folk

clivey & Gaz profile
Copy by Gary Hoadley
Plagiarism & Glory-Hogging by Clivey Dee, without whose searingly erotic and sympathetic editing none of this would have been possible.

“I don’t like trains Gaz”.
“Me neither Clivey”.
“The pen and ink in the carriages gets right up my bugle”.
“All those sweaty bodies”
“Disgusting Clivey”.
“And, the noise!”
“Clackity bleedin clack“.
“Some people go train spotting Gaz”.
“Are you having a laugh son?”
“Straight up Gaz, they stand and clock trains going by all day long”.
“What for?”
“The numbers”.
“Yeah, write them in little books they do”.
“To compare”.
“Compare with what?”
“The numbers tally gathered by other trainspotters mate”.
“Do they get a prize?”
“Don’t think so”
“Well they should”.
“Yeah, you’re not wrong there Gaz”.
“I got a prize once Clivey”.
“For what”.
“Don’t know”.
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
“Well it was after I nicked a silver cup out of a cabinet”.
“Whose cabinet Gaz?”
“A tennis club in south London”.
“Ok mate, but how was it a prize?”
“It had ”The Lawn Tennis Association Wimbledon Champion 1979″ engraved on it”
“We have to get off at the next stop Gaz”

“Are we at Kings Cross now then Clivey?”
“No mate, the ticket collector’s in the next carriage son.”
“Yeah shame”

This skit was bought to you courtesy of The WordPress Irritating & Time Consuming Comments Confederation



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9 responses to “Clivey And Gaz in “Trainspotting”: An everyday story of inadequate folk

  1. sozsatire

    Good evening. As the editor of the above piece I should like to make an inane, irritating/time consuming comment. However I’m going to refrain from doing so on the grounds that it would be inane, time consuming and/or, irritating.

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  2. As Chairman Nearlyaman of the WordPress Irritating & Time Consuming Comments Confederation Monitoring and Adjudication Assessment Panel, I feel it my duty to tell you that not no one ever asked us for permission to proof and post this hilarious little skit.
    As long as the baccie and banknotes arrive within a week, I’ll take no further action this time.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. ratty

    Trean spotters o’ today? Doont mek uz laugh.

    When ah wor eur lad, wu used ta collect trean CHASSIS numba’s. Sadly, theear aren’t too menny o’ uz left ta tell ower wee ‘ilarious tales.

    You tell t’ spotter o’ today tha’, ‘n ‘ee won’t beleev theur !

    Liked by 2 people


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