Inchcock Today: His Visit to the Dentist


Inchy shower of his repaired top two front teggies!

Only just moved to this Dentist. I went last week for a check-up, and they booked me in fer a bit of work today. Couple o’ fillin’s and a spit un polish at ten o’clock this morning.

I set off, givin’ missen plenty o’ time like to hobble there.

At the end of the road, I stopped and limped back to the house cause I realised I’d still got me slippers on, un changed into me weather worn shoes.

Set off again, nice morning, up Mansfield Road, crossed over the other side when I noticed the police trying to drag a chap out of the flats, and the chap seemed determined not to be dragged out into the police van.

About 15 minutes later, I arrived at the Dentist at 0945hrs.

By the time I’d queued to book in, it were abarht 1010hrs. They insisted I pay fer me treatment then, before I’d ‘ad it like. Do I look dishonest, or like a pauper… maybe.Dentist Hitler

I sat and read a few chapters of me book ‘Hitler; The Commander’ wot I got frum the Pound Shop, before I wus told to go upstairs to room 2.

The rooms, had been fashioned out the old bedrooms in what was originally the living quarters of a shop owner.

I went in, and found myself alone, so I got out me book again. A few minutes later the nurse came in and went out again, then the dentist came in, told me to sit on the split plastic covered chair thingy and she’s be back in a bit. She a Polish gal, name of Cwik – no I’m not joking.

She inquired if I required a needle of pain killer before she started, I replied in the affirmative.

She left the room again. The nurse returned, picked something up out of a drawer, and left again.

They both returned after a short while, during which time I began to appreciate the pretty patterns the spiders had spun on the ceiling.

They set to work, and before long I’d got a set of top front teeth that I hope I can eat with without struggling.

I set off on me walk home, cheered with the prospect of being able to consume me fodder without pain. Got to ten end of me road… then returned to the dentist for me book, medicines and seaweed I’d left in the carrier bag….




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3 responses to “Inchcock Today: His Visit to the Dentist

  1. Crikey ab bloody good thing you didn’t have to pass an abattoir on the way there! Lord knows what you might have spotted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, wiv my luck owt could happen cocker.
      Going to a posh area tomorrow to see me sister Jane. Makes me just as nervous as coming home to the local yobboes. Tsk! Poor sod that I am, pathetic really.. oh and sad.
      Hey-ho, off to try and kip now – hoping the cramps don’t return to join the angina. Huh!
      TTFN taketh mucho care mate.



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