The League Of Mental Men Guardedly Present:

two ronnies
“Have you finished the editing yet Clivey?”
“Shut up and finish your shit sandwich Gary”
 Written by Gary Hoadley
Superbly And Yet Humbly Edited by Clivey Dee


Clive: “Did you bring the sandwiches Gaz?”
Gary: “Yes mate”
Clive: “What we got?”
Gary: “Jellied eels and pickle”
Clive: “Lovely, we’ll ave ’em later son”.
Gary: “Yeah, with a mug of splosh”.
Clive: “Splosh”.
Gary: “Eh?”
Clive: “I was just reiterating your proposal”.
Gary: “Thank god for that, I’d forgotten what I said”.
Clive: “I forgot something once”.
Gary: “Really, what was that then?”
Clive: “Can’t remember now”.
Gary: “Shame”.
Clive: “Shame”.
Gary: “Why don’t you try and forget, what you have forgotten”.
Clive: “Yeah, that might help, let me try”.
Silence for ten minutes.
Gary: “Well?”
Clive: “Well what?”
Gary: “Have you forgotten, what it was, you had forgotten?”
Clive: “Don’t know, I’ve forgotten”.
Gary: “Shame”.
Clive: “Shame”.
Gary: “I had that Xi Jingping on the trumpet last night”.
Clive: “Not again! What’s he want this time?”
Gary: “Worried about the Yuan against the dollar mate”.
Clive: “Well he would be”.
Gary: “I told him, I said, Xi, it’s late mate. I need me kip”.
Clive: “What did he say then?”
Gary: “Sorry mate, didn’t know who else to ring”.
Clive: “Did he know you were coming to the park?”
Gary: “Yeah, he said can he have that dvd you borrowed”.
Clive: “It cost a fortune to post that back to him”.
Gary: “Wait till he does the state visit next week”.
Clive: “Good idea mate”.
Gary: “Sandwich pal?”
Clive: “Yeah, go on then”.
Slight pause.
Gary: “What’s up Clive, you’ve gone all green?”
Clive: “Just remembered what it was I had forgotten”.
Gary: “Lovely! What was it?”
Clive: “I don’t like pickle”.
Gary: “Shame”.
Clive: “Shame”.

The End


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10 responses to “The League Of Mental Men Guardedly Present:

  1. Hahahahah!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. One of these days I’m going to be having conversations like this!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. He’s good at doing these our Gaz is yer know.
    I consider him to be orgiophant in this field of satire and humour.
    Bless his cotton socks and willing foibles.
    Nice one Gaz.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sozsatire

    I hearby nominate this skit for the prestigious Platinum Breast Pump Of Dar Es Salaam Award. Please send me the dates of your 7 favourite bowel evacuations, your credit card details and a photo of your dad’s nob. ((((((HUGZZZ)))))). All entrants must have proof that they are under 10 years of age,

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  5. You don’t like pickle, but jellied eel is fine? Good grief! 🙂



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