“Tony Blair Wanted To Look At My Pants” Newcastle Woman’s Shock Claim

tony blair

That Mrs Thatcher’s not a bad looking woman you know. I wonder if she’s wearing any”


In a revealing interview, a former female friend of ex-British prime minister, Tony Blair, claims that he once asked her to show him her pants as they played together on a Newcastle bomb site in 1960 when they were both aged 7.

Mrs Geraldine Terry, now 61, told The Tyne & Wear Gazette. “It was a lovely summer’s day and Tony and myself were playing on a piece of wasteground just behind our houses. I wanted to build a den but all Tony wanted to do was play war all the time. Eventually he gave me a hand and we built a small shelter from bits of corrugated iron and some roof joists from one of the bombed out houses. We went inside and just as I was about to put the imaginary kettle on to make us some tea, Tony blurted out that he wanted to see my pants.

“I was a bit reticent at first, but I was scared that if I didn’t do as he asked he’d go home early for his tea and leave me on my own. When I lifted my dress up he just stared at my pants for a while and then ran away. I think he might have been crying.

“To be fair he never once asked to look at them again but I did once catch him rifling through my mum’s underwear drawer when she was out at work and he’d come round to mine for some jam sandwiches”

Blair’s press officer issued a statement last night, categorically denying the claim. “Mr Blair strongly denies this spurious and outrageous claim. He has never asked to see this lady’s underwear nor anybody else’s for that matter.  In all honesty why would he? After all he has an extremely well-stocked knickers drawer of his own”

Blair himself was unavailable for comment last night as he is currently doing two month’s voluntary service, working behind the counter at a lingerie boutique in Gateshead.



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2 responses to ““Tony Blair Wanted To Look At My Pants” Newcastle Woman’s Shock Claim

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    I can’t be arsed to write anything on here today, so here’s one I wrote earlier in “The Other Place”
    I should like to close by saying “Knickers to the lot of yers!”


  2. Bwaaa haaa haa! Great one!



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