British Squaddie Runs Amok In Government Think Tank

think tank

Graphic by “Mina”


A 19 year old British soldier was being held in custody last night amid reports that he stole a government think tank from outside a Ministry Of Defence building before embarking on a trail of destruction across West London, during which the tank’s weaponry was deployed and a number of ridiculous, unworkable ideas were strewn across the streets.

One woman, who was pushing a child in a buggy during the incident, looked visibly shaken as she revealed  “I was just nipping down the shops to get a packet of fags and a loaf when this huge government think tank came hurtling round the corner. It was clearly out of control. People were scattering all over the place, cars were being crushed and everything. I was absolutely terrified I don’t mind telling you. The worst part was when a great shedload  of paper came out of the top bit. Me and little Rhianna were almost drowned in proposed legislation for an extension to The Hangar Flyover.”

Another witness, Dennis Mason 67 from Pimlico, said. “I’ve never seen anything like it to be fair. One minute I was taking a leisurely stroll along The Embankment and the next I’m being blitzed with proposals to opt out of the EU, along with documents outlining proposed legislation to control lap dancing premises. I could quite easily have been killed”.

The man currently being held, Lance Corporal James Blythe of the 2nd Battalion Queens Own Lancers, told arresting officers. “I’m really sorry about all this. I’ve let myself down and worst of all I’ve let the regiment and my mates down. I’d had such a bloody good skinful that I didn’t know if I wanted a shit or a haircut to be honest with you. I just saw the tank parked up with nobody standing guard, so I thought I’d jump in and drive it round to my girlfriend’s house. We’d had a bit of a bust-up earlier on and I thought if I went round to her place in a think tank she might forgive me and let me in for a brew and a bunk up”

Blythe is due to appear at Bow Street magistrate’s court at 11.00pm this morning.




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8 responses to “British Squaddie Runs Amok In Government Think Tank

  1. sozsatire

    Oi! Did you nick this off my blog you slippery mug??? 😦


  2. You won’t get any bloody likes of me, sunshine – especially referring to me as a mug punter. I’ll have you know that my mug punting days are well and truly in the past.

    It was bloody funny though, irrepsective of eho penned it,a dn subsequently half-inched it.

    Hurrah! Beers all round. Mine’s a pint of Old Scrotum’s XXX gut-stretcher if you’re buying – I’m just off to the gents.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One of my favourite SOZ skits, plus I love the accompanying image. 😛 x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I found my next hero, this Lance Corporal. This was priceless.

    I might steel a tank myself and go see my ex girlfriend too, maybe she´ll be impressed and snuggle with me.


  5. sozsatire

    Hey anything’s worth a try Charly. Just don’t park on her daddy’s car or point the gun barrel in her direction. It tends to put them off a bit in my experience. In case you’re wondering I wrote that rubbish up there 🙂



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