Letters To LOMM: Another Double Bill Spectacular!


Dear League Of Mental Men

I’m sick to the back teeth with these so-called war veterans constantly harping on about their exploits during the two world wars.
My grandad served king and country during The Great War of 1914-18 and I’ve never once heard him mention it.

Mind you he was an inaugural member of the Royal Flying Corps who was shot down over the trenches in Ypres on his maiden sortie and killed instantly.

Phillip Bronchitis
Milton Keynes



Dear League Of Mental Men

Whilst watching the news last night I was utterly dismayed to learn that the recent tragic bomb outrage that claimed so many innocent lives in Baghdad was a direct result of conflict between Sunni and Shia.
Surely it’s now high time these two buried the hatchet and agreed to share the royalties from “I Got You Babe” equally.

Marvin Heterosexual




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7 responses to “Letters To LOMM: Another Double Bill Spectacular!

  1. I really like these Letters To LOMM. Keep them coming. x 😀

    I’ve got a request, can I go through the back issues of your mag and pic out the stories I really like and put them up on my blog? Obviously accrediting your good self.


  2. You’ve outdone yourself today, Clive! Great job!


    • Thanks Rachel but you’re being far too kind. I’ve been so busy sorting out that bloody mag I’ve not had the time, nor even the inclination, to churn out my customary 250 word satirical epics. Hence these turgid little cop-outs. Such is the lot of the careworn editor-in-chief you see? How I long for the days when I’d hawk my copy around various satirical publications so that in the evenings my wife and children could huddle for warmth in front of the burning rejection slips 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL! No way! Sometimes less is more. These have been very clever and enjoyable. Let’s put it this way…when I don’t have a witty comeback, it’s THAT good! 😉


      • “Less is more” Now there’s a heartening truism if ever I heard one. On the extremely rare occasion I actually read anything on WP I see the title, the preamble and then the word count. If the latter states something along the lines of “1027 more words”, a shutter comes down over my eyes, the will to live becomes so tenuous as to be almost non-existent and I slump face first into my plate of jellied eels. I think the longest novel I ever read was Dostoyevski’s Crime And Punishment. It turned out to be a crime to have purchased it and punishment from the first paragraph to the final, blessed full stop 🙂


      • Oh no! LOL! So you’re more of a Cliff’s Notes man, eh? Sometimes, that is absolutely correct on long posts, but then other times they are actually worth the time invested to read, especially when they are truly funny.



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