Queen And Prince Philip Had Two-In-A-Bed Sex Romp Claims Palace Aide

queen and philip

The Royal Couple Pictured Trying To Look All Innocent Last Night 


A former Buckingham Palace worker has made the astonishing claim that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, The Duke Of Edinburgh, indulged in a steamy sex session when he was on duty at the palace in the late 1940s.

The ex-flunky, who was employed as an evening cocoa wallah to the royal couple, told us that the saucy royals had a no-holds barred romp while he was warming the milk for their Horlicks following a boozy evening in front of the television with The Queen Mother and The Sultan Of Brunei in 1948.

Billy Stutters, 98, told us “The Queen and Philip retired to the royal bedchamber at around 1.00am that night. Both had been drinking heavily for a number of hours. Her Majesty had necked the best part of a bottle of Sambuca and Philip had been tucking into pints of Youngs Ramrod all afternoon and evening. I could tell they were the worse for wear when The Queen knocked over a coffee table on the way to the lavatory and Prince Philip called her a “clumsy mare”

“About 20 minutes after they’d retired for the night I knocked on the door and went in with their customary hot drinks. I realised almost immediately they’d been having sex. The Queen’s hair was dishevelled, her tiara was lop-sided and The Duke was sweating like a bull. I noticed also that the bed coverlet was a bit tented on The Duke’s side, clearly indicating that he still had a bit of a lazy lob on. Around 9 months later Prince Charles was born which says it all really”

A Palace spokesman hotly denied the claims last night. “It’s absolutely ridiculous” he told reporters. “It’s a well known fact that the Queen and The Duke have never had sexual relations during their entire marriage. They have always used specially trained servants for this purpose whose designated duty is to romp naked on their behalf whenever The Duke gets a bit fruity after a night on the grog or following a good win for one of Her Majesty’s horses at the racetrack”

This latest revelation will shock royal lovers throughout the country, still reeling from the news that Princess Margaret gave ex Prime Minister Harold Wilson a crafty wank under the tablecloth at a swish reception for Commonwealth leaders at The Guild Hall in 1971.


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14 responses to “Queen And Prince Philip Had Two-In-A-Bed Sex Romp Claims Palace Aide

  1. That Sir is my empty brain get out of jail card – a true gem to kick the day off!


  2. Good God man my head is spinning.

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  3. The Queen swigging Sambuca… what a thought.


  4. chinahand11

    Hysterical post. I often wish we had royals over here sometimes, we only have politicians to make fun of.


  5. Good for when democracy fails.



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